Litigation Management

Attorneys at DanaherLagnese, PC have also had significant experience in the field of litigation management. In the early 1980's, the firm assumed the role of national coordinating counsel for a primary target in a national toxic product related litigation. In this capacity, the firm managed a network of many law firms across the nation and initiated a variety of litigation management techniques including a centralization of pleadings and discovery, a medical counsel program, and the establishment of a variety of databases to expedite the resolution of cases and to provide trial counsel with the tools to effectively litigate these mass tort cases. These techniques were utilized during large consolidations of these cases in California, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Maryland, and West Virginia (as well as other states) and have been utilized in varying degrees in other cases on behalf of the firm’s clients since that time.

The driving philosophies are to provide efficient and effective litigation strengths to the representation of the clients in the courtroom. The goal has been to partner with the clients to set the strategy and to achieve the desired resolution. It has been clear that the strength of efficient preparation combined with clear resolve produce maximum results.

Joyce A. Lagnese
R. Cornelius Danaher, Jr.
Gerry A. DeSimone
Stuart C. Johnson
Jonathan A. Kocienda