Danaher Lagnese P.C.
Appellate Litigation

The appellate lawyers at DanaherLagnese, P.C. have over 60 years of combined experience briefing and arguing cases before the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts, as well as the United States Courts of Appeals for the First and Second Circuits. The Appellate Group also works with clients and trial counsel to develop litigation strategies, prepare critical motions practice, and ensure that issues are preserved for appeal.

Our team is proud to be at the forefront of representing healthcare providers before the Connecticut appellate courts. Frank H. Santoro and Calum B. Anderson are two of the lead authors of the definitive source for Connecticut medical malpractice law. See Joyce A. Lagnese, Calum B. Anderson & Frank H. Santoro, Connecticut Medical Malpractice, (The Connecticut Law Tribune Press)(3d ed. 2015). In fact, the Connecticut Appellate Court has cited this source as an authority. See, e.g., Curran v. Kroll, 118 Conn. App. 401, 412 n.4 (2009); Peterson v. Ocean Radiology, Assocs., 109 Conn. App. 275, 279 (2008).

The Appellate Group has handled dozens of appellate matters on some of the most critical and complex issues affecting healthcare providers in Connecticut. Some of our representative cases include:

  • Robbins v. Physicians for Women’s Health, 311 Conn. 707 (2014)(reversing trial court’s judgment against client physician group on matter of first impression regarding successor liability);
  • Squeo v. Norwalk Hosp. Ass’n, 316 Conn. 558 (2014)(affirming dismissal of parents’ bystander emotional distress claims against client hospital);
  • Greenwald v. Van Handel, 311 Conn. 370 (2014)(holding that social worker did not have a duty to protect a patient from injuries arising from the legal consequences of the patient’s volitional criminal conduct);
  • Hopkins v. Balachandran, 146 Conn. App. 44 (2013)(holding, as a matter of first impression, that patient waived his right to confidentiality in medical records that he himself had compromised);
  • Williams v. Hartford Hospital, 122 Conn. App. 597 (2010)(affirming dismissal of medical malpractice complaint against client anesthesiologist due to failure to comply with Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-190a);
  • Ellis v. Cohen, 118 Conn. App. 211 (2009)(dismissing pro se appeal against Hartford Hospital);
  • Levesque v. Bristol Hosp., 286 Conn. 234 (2008)(affirming defense verdict for client obstetrician);
  • Carlson v. Waterbury Hosp., 280 Conn. 125 (2006)(overturning $16 million plaintiff’s verdict on grounds that client physician should have been allowed to apportion liability to settling defendant);
  • Farrell v. Bass, 90 Conn. App. 804 (2005)(affirming defense verdict for client physician);
  • Ancheff v. Hartford Hosp., 260 Conn. 785 (2002)(affirming defense verdict for Hartford Hospital).

In addition to its historical successes at the appellate level, the DanaherLagnese Appellate Group continues to obtain outstanding results on behalf of its clients by assisting the firm’s robust medical malpractice defense team with critical motions practice. Over the years, our appellate lawyers have briefed and argued dozens of successful dispositive motions that have ended or significantly limited the cases against our clients before trial.   

DanaherLagense appellate attorneys are committed to obtaining the best possible results while providing unparalleled value for our clients.