Appellate Litigation

The firm has a separate practice area which provides a full range of appellate litigation services including primarily the handling of cases in the Appellate Court and Supreme Court of Connecticut. These cases include appeals not only from trials originating in this firm’s own trial department but also referrals from cases litigated at the trial level by other law firms. Our procedure is to maintain partner level involvement from the earliest stages of the appellate process in the writing of the briefs and the development of the legal theories and to provide ongoing detailed written reports to clients on the status of the case.

Illustrative examples of significant reported cases handled in the recent past include: Carlson v. Waterbury Hospital, 280 Conn. 125 (2006)[Apportionment held appropriate in case of settling defendant; $16 million verdict overturned]; Travelers Ins. Co. v. Namerow, 257 Conn. 812 on reconsideration en banc 261 Conn. 784 (2002)[Held that motive is not an essential element of proof in a civil arson case]; Santini v. Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service, 251 Conn. 121 (1999) cert. den. 530 U.S. 1225 (2000)[Governmental planning activity held not to constitute a taking in a case involving the designation of a low level radioactive waste disposal facility]; and Lodge v. Arett Sales, 246 Conn. 563 (1998)[Defendant who negligently caused the transmission of a false fire alarm held not liable to firefighters injured during an accident precipitated by the negligent maintenance and failure of the brakes of the responding fire engine].