Asbestos/Toxic Tort Litigation

The asbestos defense lawyers at DanaherLagnese, PC are highly trained with an exceptional depth of experience in defending product manufacturers, product suppliers and property owners.  DanaherLagnese, PC delivers top tier representation for clients facing attacks from the crafty and organized plaintiff bar.

Our team is known for its tenacity, attention to detail, responsiveness, and extensive knowledge of the law and practice.  Our lawyers have substantial experience in successfully defending manufacturers, sellers, and premises owners through motion practice, negotiation, mediation, trial and appeal.  Our team understands the importance of controlling defense costs through early case evaluation and standardized procedures without compromising the quality of representation.

Our lawyers have represented clients in many industries in federal and state courts nationwide.  Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, and owners of diverse products and premises, such as:

  • Military products
  • Industrial equipment
  • Insulation products
  • Electrical components
  • Power tools
  • Boilers and furnaces
  • Boiler controls
  • Appliances and consumer products
  • Machinery and machinery components
  • Automotive and aircraft products
  • Asbestos mines and raw asbestos fibers
  • Floor tiles and construction products

The DanaherLagnese asbestos defense team has significant trial experience.  The attorneys on the asbestos defense team are seasoned trial attorneys capable and prepared to take cases to trial when necessary.  This trial experience is respected by plaintiffs’ firms and often leads to very favorable outcomes for the firm’s clients.

The DanaherLagnese asbestos defense team has assumed varied roles as dictated by the litigation strategy of its individual clients.  The defense team has:

  • Served in local, regional, and national capacities;
  • Served as national trial counsel;
  • Served as medical liaison counsel; and
  • Served as defense liaison counsel.

In addition to its historical successes, including trying the largest case consolidation in the asbestos litigation and trying the largest premise liability cases in the litigation, the DanaherLagnese asbestos team continues to obtain outstanding results on behalf of its clients.  Including:

  • Summary judgment in disputed cases for clients with products in proximity to plaintiff  based on product identification testimony, records, and expert testimony;
  • Dismissal of cases prior to deposition testimony through aggressive discovery tactics;
  • Dismissal of several federal cases through aggressive discovery prior to incurring costs for summary judgment and expert discovery in cases with product identification of firm’s client;
  • Dismissal of cases due to firm’s expertise in collection and review of medical records leading to defenses of which other defense firms were not aware;
  • Obtaining dismissal for failure to prosecute and successful defense of plaintiff’s appeal.

DanaherLagnese asbestos defense attorneys are committed to obtaining the best possible results for our clients.  Our attorneys and staff are committed to controlling both defense and indemnity costs for the firm’s clients.  The experience and abilities of our asbestos defense attorneys provides unparalleled value and results to defendants facing asbestos cases in New England and throughout the nation.